Not a fan of the flip flopping but the bearded guy blows all over the shaved guy’s ass so it’s okay. ;)

YES! This is great. Fuck, cum, rim. 

Another one very similar to the last one. 

The guys in this one just randomly fuck each other. 

I can’t remember if I’ve seen this before or not but it’s hot 

The “daddy” is a little old for my taste, but the closeups of the creampie are worth it. 

Two MEN go at it. 

Two cute suits do the doopity doop. 

I love when tops look like this. 

I’d love to get fucked like this. ;)

NICE bareback fuck. Whew. 


Sean Cody: Noel & Dennis

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Anonymous Asked:
I go wild for bb vids where the hu g top cums in the bottoms ass and then stays hard and ducks some more. I've seen a few vids where the top comes a second time. Now that's impressive and super hot.

Yes I like those kinds of vids too! My favorite are where the top cums and keeps fucking until he cums again.

Yummy men go bareback